Clazzio Car Leather Seat Covers Remodels Website with Advanced Filter System  Jul 12th, 2014 
A car seat cover supplier has recently redesigned their website and search features. This is in an attempt to make finding the right seat cover for your specific vehicle as easy as possible. 
Six-Millionth Audi Quattro Rolls off Production  Jul 11th, 2014 
Audi celebrates the production of the six-millionth model equipped with its quattro all-wheel drive system. 
2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited Quick Drive  Jul 11th, 2014 
How does the Santa Fe stand out from the pack? 
Toyota Supra, BMW Z4 Tie-Up Confirmed  Jul 11th, 2014 
Toyota and BMW announce a shared vehicle platform for sports cars. 
2015 Ford Fusion Drops Manual Transmission; Adds Backup Camera  Jul 11th, 2014 
Ford refines the Fusion even further for the 2015 model year. 
2017 Audi RS5 TDI: Changing the Game For Diesels [Video]  Jul 11th, 2014 
Our very own Jens Meiners drives Audi’s new RS5 TDI prototype and gets good first impressions. Watch the video here. 
Cord Complete Recalls an Automotive Icon [Book Review]  Jul 11th, 2014 
In this day of e-books, an undertaking to publish a book—an actual, tangible book made of paper and ink—can seem almost quaint. When you choose to publish that real, actual book on the topic of cars, the idea is not only quaint, but quite possibly sales-proof. A book about Corvettes or Mustangs might find buyers, […] 
A Brief History of the Cord Automobile: The Coolest Car You Never Knew Existed  Jul 11th, 2014 
What if you learned that there was a car that debuted in the 1960s with front-wheel drive, a supercharged V-8, chrome-plated side-exhaust pipes, hidden headlights, and a disappearing convertible top? And what if you then learned that this car in fact was introduced not in the 1960s, but a full three decades earlier, in the […] 
The Continental: Presenting the New Opel Corsa, a 600-hp-Plus Audi RS6 Avant is Coming  Jul 11th, 2014 
Each week, our German correspondent slices and dices the latest rumblings, news, and quick-hit driving impressions from the other side of the pond. His byline may say Jens Meiners, but we simply call him . . . the Continental. Opel has launched the fifth-generation Corsa minicar in Europe. The Volkswagen Polo’s fiercest competitor—sold as a […] 
Ex-Audi leader Johan de Nysschen Leaves Chaos at Infiniti to Join Chaos at Cadillac  Jul 11th, 2014 
Barely two years after bringing his bucket and mop to the mess that is Nissan’s Infiniti luxury car division, boss and former Audi of America chief Johan de Nysschen has resigned and will be taking his cleaning supplies back to America as president of Cadillac. In his wake at Infiniti is a job that is, […] 
0 to 1320 Feet in What? Chrysler Posts 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 1/4-Mile Time  Jul 11th, 2014 
Since Dodge officially announced that its supercharged 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat would pack 707 earth-shaking horsepower, just about the only things left to mystery are the car’s performance numbers. While we always gather our own numbers—and we’re really looking forward to strapping our own test gear to the car—Dodge released a video today that shows […] 
Rolling Out the Big Guns: Giant Littlefield Military Vehicle Collection Heads to Sale [w/ Gallery]  Jul 11th, 2014 
  For sale: one 2S7 “Pion,” a Soviet-made 51-ton self-propelled artillery gun with a 203-mm cannon capable of lobbing a conventional explosive shell 23 miles or, when things get really nasty, a tactical nuke nearly 19 miles. Parking this 43-foot-long Cold War monster on the front lawn is sure to quell any disputes with the […] 
2017 Audi RS5 TDI Diesel Driven: Blitzen Compression-Ignition Coupe  Jul 11th, 2014 
Are diesel engines and sports cars mutually exclusive? Most enthusiasts might say so. Compression ignition works well for long-distance cruisers, pack-mule pickups, and SUVs, and in Europe, there are even a few diesel-powered coupes and convertibles for the patient and the parsimonious. Sports cars, on the other hand, are all about aggressive response, charging to […] 
2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Tested: It’s Late, Loud, and Lovable  Jul 11th, 2014 
Thanks to our crack investigative staff, we have compelling new evidence to explain why it’s taken so long for the Alfa Romeo 4C to arrive in the United States. READ MORE ›› 
Bugabrid: Bugatti Veyron Successor Could be a Hybrid, Likely Top 268 mph  Jul 11th, 2014 
The much anticipated, highly secretive successor to the legendary Bugatti Veyron hypercar could be a hybrid. According to a report in Reuters, the blueprint for the Veyron’s two-door replacement is set, and Bugatti chief Wolfgang Dürheimer is partial to a hybrid powertrain this time around. The report quotes anonymous sources saying that the car will […] 
9 Automakers Have Now Issued Recalls for Dangerous Airbags, NHTSA Still Investigating  Jul 11th, 2014 
The faulty Takata-sourced airbags recalled by Toyota last month reopened a rare supplier-side defect from 2013 that had affected 3.6 million cars from six automakers. In the interim and in response to an ongoing investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, three additional companies have issued recalls because of the defective airbag inflators. Chrysler, […] 
2015 Nissan GT-R Test: More Compliant and Quieter Inside, Still a Monster at Heart  Jul 11th, 2014 
When it comes to the GT-R, Nissan appears to take its cues from 1950s Detroit. Not that the twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive robo-racer has anything in common with the lead sleds from Motown’s heyday. Rather, we’re fascinated that Nissan has made substantial updates to the GT-R in almost every model year since its 2009 introduction. And since […] 
2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Plus 100th Anniversary Edition review notes: Dodge's Challenger is the definition of old-school cool  Jul 11th, 2014 
SENIOR MOTORSPORTS EDITOR MAC MORRISON: Where did eight years go? Yes, it really has been that long since the third-gen  
Highway Funding Bill Stalled; Cuts to Start in August  Jul 10th, 2014 
Congress will vote on a bill to potentially stall cuts to highway funding. 
Security Company Offers $10K to Hack Tesla Model S  Jul 10th, 2014 
Hackers compete for $10k to hack a Tesla Model S. 
Jaguar Reveals Game-Like Head-Up Display  Jul 10th, 2014 
Jaguar has developed a head-up display for road and track driving. 
Mazda Brings Back RX-7 for Rotary's 50th Birthday  Jul 10th, 2014 
Mazda will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its rotary engine by bringing back the RX-7. 
It’s Teslarific! Nissan Giving Out Free Juice to New Leaf Owners  Jul 10th, 2014 
Like casino players with club cards, electric-car owners are used to freebies tossed at them left and right. Nissan is upping the ante—and calling Tesla on its free Supercharger network—by giving new Leaf owners free charging for two years. There’s fine print. You’ll have to live in one of 10 targeted areas (Dallas–Fort Worth, Houston, […] 
From the C/D Archives: 1994 Mazda Miata M Edition and R Package Tested!  Jul 10th, 2014 
The Miata caused a sensation at its 1989 introduction, but as we know from the Pontiac Fiero, or even Nirvana, sensations have the staying power of Beavis on prom night. For example, sales of the 1993-model Miata were 58 percent lower than the peak of 51,087 for the ’90 model. READ MORE ›› 
2014 BMW 328d xDrive Diesel Wagon Long-Term Intro: Long Name, Longer Test  Jul 10th, 2014 
Yes, a diesel station wagon—could we be more predictable? One of our more fervently held automotive proclivities notwithstanding, we added BMW’s long-haul hauler to our fleet to evaluate the first efficiency-minded 3-series diesel in America in a generation. (The burly 335d from the turn of the decade doesn’t count—it shunned economy in favor of making […] 
Jaguar Land Rover Details New, Scalable Turbocharged “Ingenium” Engine Family  Jul 10th, 2014 
Jaguar Land Rover has released photos and info on its new Ingenium engine family. We first reported on JLR’s new powerplants at this year’s Detroit auto show, but this is the first rash of in-depth details on the in-house effort.  The first Ingenium-branded engine to hit the market will be a turbocharged 2.0-liter diesel four-cylinder, […] 
2015 Ford Mustang Dealer Stock Production Imminent, Special Orders Can Be Placed 9/9 [UPDATE]  Jul 10th, 2014 
  UPDATE: The Mustang6g report that we cited previously was slightly off. A Ford spokesman tells us that the 2015 Mustang will remain in the preproduction phase for some time yet. “Our Job 1 customer cars will be built closer to the on-sale date, which is this fall,” he said. Still, it can’t hurt to […] 
Hellacious B-Roll: Dodge Posts Footage of Challenger SRT Hellcat Being Awesome [Video]  Jul 10th, 2014 
There certainly has been no dearth of 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat video posted lately, but 707 supercharged horsepower in a relatively normal car is pretty exciting. And after we ripped simultaneous burnouts in two Hellcats and showed you what the car is made of, we headed to Chrysler’s YouTube channel, where the brand has […] 
HackaTeslaThon: Break Into a Tesla Model S, Win Some Dough (In China)  Jul 10th, 2014 
We’re not sure why it took this long, but Silicon Valley’s automotive darling, the Tesla Model S, is finally being hacked—although not in the way you might think. Forbes reports that a group is holding a Model S hackathon next week in Beijing, China. Unsurprisingly, Tesla isn’t supporting or backing the event. We’ve delved into what […] 
Canadian Dealer Closes Over Ford’s Facility Standards  Jul 10th, 2014 
A 67-year-old dealership will be forced to close its doors in August. The dealership’s owners say Ford’s Millennium Facility Standard will take too much of a financial toll on the business. 
Calif. City Offers Incentives to New-Car Dealers  Jul 10th, 2014 
The city of Anaheim, Calif., has approved a new program that would give new-car dealers a 40% rebate on the city’s share of sales taxes for 10 years. 
Jamie Boettcher Joins Summit Consulting  Jul 10th, 2014 
Jamie Boettcher, who will serve as senior training specialist for the firm, brings with him years of experience in the design, development, implementation and delivery of automotive training and certification programs. 
Ed Bobit Remembered as 'Force of Nature'  Jul 10th, 2014 
Family, friends, and colleagues paid their respects to Ed Bobit at a memorial service, honoring the Bobit Business Media founder and chairman as a publishing force known for his tough-but-fair approach to business and family. 
Longtime Dealer Dies  Jul 10th, 2014 
Mike Salta, who owned multiple dealerships across the country until 2004, passed away this week at the age of 91. 
June Sales Top A Year Ago Despite Fewer Selling Days  Jul 10th, 2014 
Total light vehicle sales in June rose 1.2% from a year ago to 1.42 million units, even with two fewer selling days on the calendar. The month’s 16.98 million SAAR also bested May’s and last June's rate. 
What I’d Do Differently: James Glickenhaus  Jul 10th, 2014 
C/D: How did you become so passionate about cars? JG: I always liked mechanical objects from a young age. Luigi Chinetti’s Ferrari dealership was about 12 miles from my parents’ house in New Rochelle [New York], and when I was a kid I used to ride my bike there on Saturdays. And eventually he let me […] 
2015 Ford Transit drive review: This ain't your mother's E-series  Jul 10th, 2014 
What is it? 
2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid Touring review notes: A more fuel-conscious Subaru XV Crosstrek.  Jul 10th, 2014 
ASSOCIATE EDITOR GRAHAM KOZAK: I'm a big fan of the Subaru XV Crosstrek. I like the looks, I like the drivability and I especially like the frugality. 
2015 Cadillac ATS Receives Minor Changes and New Model  Jul 9th, 2014 
Cadillac adds a coupe to its ATS lineup. 
GM Won't Use Insurance Funds for Ignition Switch Compensation  Jul 9th, 2014 
GM will pay its compensation fund with cash on hand. 
Fiat and Funny Or Die Create "Neighbors" Web Series  Jul 9th, 2014 
Fiat and Funny Or Die team up again to create a new web series. 
BMW Moves Forward with Inductive Charging Stations  Jul 9th, 2014 
BMW continues perfecting its inductive charging station technology. 
Gray Matters: Novitec Rosso Makes Ferrari 458 Speciale More “Speciale”  Jul 9th, 2014 
We’re not sure anyone on earth has ever accused the Ferrari 458 Speciale of being not “speciale” enough right out of the box, but we also know that many Ferrari owners don’t like to leave well enough alone. So for them, the master meddlers at Novitec Rosso have remixed the 458 Speciale, adding more carbon […] 
2014 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid AWD Test: Hybridized JX35 By Another Name  Jul 9th, 2014 
Those who don’t slavishly follow every tidbit of news in the automotive world should be forgiven if they mistake the Infiniti QX60 for a brand-new model. In fact, the QX60 is simply the new name for the previous JX35, after the company-wide rebranding that commenced with the 2014 models.  READ MORE ›› 
VW Introduces New Passat for Europe, We Hope Ours Eventually Looks Like This  Jul 9th, 2014 
Volkswagen’s Passat comes from humble beginnings. Indeed, for much of its life it was merely one of several choices in the mid-size sedan segment. It wasn’t particularly upscale and possessed just average build quality. This changed in the mid-1990s with the B5 generation, which was engineered under Ferdinand Piëch and designed with major influence from […] 
2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van First Drive: Cargo Room with Personality  Jul 9th, 2014 
The Ford Transit Connect doesn’t really need to drive well—after all, most people who operate them are paid to do so. The diminutive Euro-packaged cargo van only needs to move forward, backward, and turn left and right to be considered competent for daily use. Steering feel and technology are less important than interior space and […] 
2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Questions Answered: 20 Responses to Your 20 Best Queries  Jul 9th, 2014 
Earlier today, we pressed you to give us your best questions regarding the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C, since we’ve got one sexing up our office parking lot this week. Our call for questions went out to our own Backfires members, as well as those car-hungry folks on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, and the response […] 
2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe Z51 Long-Term Test Intro: C7th Heaven?  Jul 9th, 2014 
With the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette’s seventh-gen make over one of the boldest in the nameplate’s history—along with the C7 Stingray’s awesome track performance, multiple comparison-test wins, and 2014 10Best Cars nod—the calls around the C/D HQ for a long-term study were loud and persistent.  READ MORE ›› 
Porsche’s Museum Deep Cuts Series Continues with Amazing 911 East African Safari Racer  Jul 9th, 2014 
Some of our favorite Porsche 911s of all time are the epic “safari” rally racers, so of course we fell all over ourselves watching Porsche’s latest video from its museum archives. The automaker has been highlighting unique models long lost to its museum storage—such as a V-8–powered 911 prototype, an early Boxster mule in 911 […] 
Make GoPro Videos with Your BMW or Mini  Jul 9th, 2014 
BMW, Mini, and GoPro have announced a partnership that’ll make producing car videos easier. The app is free, but you’ll also need a 2012-or-later BMW or Mini equipped with BMW Apps or Mini Connected, an iPhone 4 or newer, and a Wi-Fi-equipped GoPro camera. Once the camera is connected to the phone and the phone […] 
We Have a 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C at Our Office Right Now: Ask Us Anything  Jul 9th, 2014 
Alfa Romeo is for real returning to the U.S., and the company is re-introducing itself to Americans with the drop-dead-sexy, mid-engine 4C coupe. Some see it as an out-of-the-box competitor to Porsche’s Cayman, while others view its $55,195 base price as too much for something with a turbo four and precious little storage space—especially considering […] 
Wanna Bet? Setting the Odds for Future Speed  Jul 9th, 2014 
If there is one thing we enjoy more at C/D than driving, it would be arguing. Over everything. From the “right” number of digits after a decimal point, to the correct spelling of “donut,” to where we should go for doughnuts. We argue about cars, too, with many such automotive debates taking the form of […] 
McLaren 650S review notes: More miles in a McLaren  Jul 9th, 2014 
Now, we know you've just read about the new  
2014 Bentley Continental GT V8 S review notes: Another leather-lined Bentley cruise missile   Jul 9th, 2014 
EXECUTIVE EDITOR RORY CARROLL: Bentley's Continental GT is one of those things that is made harder to like because of the other people who like it. 
Subaru Plans for Next-Gen BRZ  Jul 8th, 2014 
Subaru and Toyota will build the next-generation sports coupe. 
Volvo Announces Drive-E Engines on new 2015 XC90  Jul 8th, 2014 
Volvo introduces a lineup of powerful and clean engines. 
2014 Lexus CT200h F Sport Tested: Rakish Looks, Languorous Performance  Jul 8th, 2014 
As the realm of hybrids expands, we occasionally find ourselves contemplating cars that bring to mind a question posed in an old country song: “Is your mouth writin’ checks that your body cain’t cash?” At the small, sporty end of the hybrid spectrum, there’s the Honda CR-Z, which we’ve characterized as having lots of flash […] 
Next Jeep Wrangler Could Target “Soft” SUVs—But It Won’t Be Ruined (We Hope)  Jul 8th, 2014 
“It’s a Jeep thing” might be a statement that select people at Fiat-Chrysler don’t understand—but let’s hope not. As quoted by Automotive News, Jeep CEO Mike Manley says that the next-gen Wrangler, which is due in 2017, would need to compete with “soft” SUVs and that not all Wranglers need to be as capable off-road. […] 
24 Hours of LeMons Sebring: The Winners  Jul 8th, 2014 
For the first-ever visit of the 24 Hours of LeMons to Sebring International Raceway, we learned that not many racers are willing to brave the conditions of sultry central Florida in July, and even fewer are willing to anger their families by obliterating a holiday weekend via a hooptie race. We inspected a mere 28 […] 
Purpose-Built Electric Mazda Miata Beats Tesla Model S in Drag Race, Because Duh [Video]  Jul 8th, 2014 
From today’s Obvious Files comes this video from Road Test TV, which shows a second-gen Mazda Miata converted to electric power absolutely spanking a stock-appearing Tesla Model S in a drag race. The Tesla is a mighty quick car in its own right—we tested one that hit 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds—and this Model […] 
Porsche 960/988: New Info Emerges on the Semi-Secret Weapon from Zuffenhausen  Jul 8th, 2014 
Since its introduction with the lovely, Pininfarina-styled 308 of 1976, the two-place, mid-engined, eight-pot Ferrari has been a constant that’s seen challengers come and go. Sure, Porsche’s turbocharged 911s have offered performance parity or superiority, but they’re a juiced version of a car affordable by mere dentists. Lamborghini’s Jalpa and Silhouette never posed a serious […] 
Oh, How We Wish This Awesome Video of a BMW M4 Drifting on an Aircraft Carrier Was Real  Jul 8th, 2014 
Fake things, like breasts and bacon, always sound better in abstract. The reality is that those sorts of things rarely satisfy, which perhaps is why BMW (of Canada, in this case) didn’t try to draw the veil shut too tightly in its new M4 commercial. The spot starts with an Austin Yellow Metallic 2015 M4 […] 
Autobahn Dos and Don’ts  Jul 8th, 2014 
DO look after your car. Make sure you check tire pressures before trying any high-speed runs. Gas stations (or “Rasthofs”) can be far apart, especially considering the extra fuel you’ll burn at speed. DO build up gradually. Although we can’t fault your enthusiasm for wanting to know what 150 mph feels like on the public […] 
Volvo “Twin Engine” XC90 is the 400-hp Plug-In Hybrid to Watch  Jul 8th, 2014 
Volvo’s “T8 twin engine” label on its forthcoming 2016 XC90 isn’t an aircraft reference or any passing resemblance to the freak-show TwinStar Eldorado we tested in 2000. The T8 doesn’t even mean V-8, as Volvo trashed that Yamaha-built engine after 2011. It’s just shorthand for “fast all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid.” This range-topping XC90 crossover SUV will […] 
Whither the American Autobahn?  Jul 8th, 2014 
Today, the 21-year reign of the 55-mph speed limit seems like ancient history. On July 1, Idaho and Wyoming adopted an 80-mph maximum on some highways. Along with Utah, these Western neighbors joined Texas, which had set speeds at 80 mph in parts of the state starting in 2006. And that’s not even the nation’s […] 
Maybach Comeback, Round Two: Moniker May Grace Spruced-up GL-class  Jul 8th, 2014 
We’ve known all year that Mercedes would resurrect its failed Maybach superluxury brand into an AMG-like trim for the current S-class. What we didn’t see coming was a Maybach SUV. The Aussies at Motoring report that Mercedes executives have “floated” several models worthy of Maybach treatment, including the full-size GL-class SUV, the S-class coupe, and […] 
Cal-Tex Names Director of Marketing  Jul 8th, 2014 
Sandra Moore takes over as director of marketing for the F&I product provider. She previously served as director of marketing for General Motors' Buick and GMC brands. 
Ohio AG Seeks Reimbursement from Dealer  Jul 8th, 2014 
Calland Auto Group and its owner are accused of failing to provide consumers with motor vehicle titles as required by Ohio law. The Ohio Attorney General seeks reimbursement to the state’s Title Defect Recision Fund. 
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sales Soften, NADA reports  Jul 8th, 2014 
Hybrids retain less of their original value than their non-hybrid counterparts, and steady gas prices and improving fuel economy will make hybrids less appealing to consumers, the NADA reports. 
Ed Bobit: A Man of Outsized Pleasures  Jul 8th, 2014 

Ed Bobit, founder and chairman of Bobit Business Media, publisher of F&I and Showroom, as well as many other media brands, passed away June 29 at the age of 86. Bobit was a man of outsized pleasures, but none more than his work and family, which were usually one and the same. We hope you enjoy these photos of Ed enjoying the very full life he led.

F&I and Showroom Remembers Its Founder  Jul 8th, 2014 
Bobit Business Media and F&I and Showroom founder Ed Bobit died last week at the age of 86, leaving behind a legacy in automotive publishing that began in 1961. 
Space Coast Credit Union Adopts RouteOne Econtracting  Jul 8th, 2014 
Space Coast Credit Union, which serves more than 230,000 members on Florida’s east coast, has adopted RouteOne’s eContracting platform using its new DiscountOne product. 
Manheim Reports Increase in Used-Vehicle Values  Jul 8th, 2014 
Strong consumer demand and attractive financing drove up both volume and values for used cars during the second quarter, Manheim reports. 
Watch the 2015 Hyundai Genesis Drive Itself  Jul 8th, 2014 
A non-autonomous vehicle drives on its own. 
Cuba Loosens Rules on Buying Cars, But Sells Just 50 of Them  Jul 8th, 2014 
High prices hinder auto sales. 
Next-Gen Mini John Cooper Works to Receive Upgraded Engine  Jul 8th, 2014 
Expect more power and torque on the next generation of John Cooper Works models. 
2015 Saleen 302 Mustang Revealed  Jul 8th, 2014 
Saleen teases its version of the all-new Mustang. 
Ford Announces Six Recalls across its Lineup  Jul 8th, 2014 
Ford recalls select 2014 models. 
Jeep to Increase Future Wrangler Fuel Economy  Jul 8th, 2014 
Jeep thinks up ways to increase the fuel economy of future Wrangler models. 
Volkswagen Reveals New Euro-Spec Passat  Jul 8th, 2014 
Volkswagen debuts the eight-gen Passat. 
2014 Lexus CT 200h Road Test  Jul 8th, 2014 
This luxury hybrid hatchback earns its keep in this growing segment. 
NHTSA Probes Chrysler on Grand Cherokee Recall  Jul 8th, 2014 
The government gives the automaker about a week to respond. 
2015 Acura TLX Gets Special Introductory Pricing  Jul 8th, 2014 
Acura finally brings the TLX to market. 
Week in Review: Debuts, Delays, and Holiday Deals  Jul 8th, 2014 
Here are the top stories of the week. 
Recall Roundup: Subaru Outback, Jaguar XJ, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, More  Jul 8th, 2014 
Recalls range from leaking brake fluid to restraint system issues. 
2015 Hyundai Elantra Offers New Trim Packages  Jul 8th, 2014 
A few changes enhance the Elantra's style and technology. 
American Deals: Best Truck Incentives This Fourth of July  Jul 8th, 2014 
Check out the best incentives this holiday weekend. 
2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Confirmed for September Debut  Jul 8th, 2014 
The fourth generation finally arrives. 
2014 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring Road Test  Jul 8th, 2014 
Can a three-row crossover be fun to drive? 
World’s Longest-Held Ferrari 250GTO Up for Auction—Brace for Another (Possible) Record Sale  Jul 8th, 2014 
There’s rich, there’s really rich, and then there’s megarich. Fit any of these categories? Lucky you—chances are, you can buy whatever car you want, whenever you want. But even the megarich might need to check their bank account to see if they have the funds to snap up this gorgeous red Ferrari 250GTO Berlinetta, which […] 
2015 Volkswagen GTI Instrumented Test: We’d Make a Seventh-Heaven Joke If It Weren’t So Cliché  Jul 8th, 2014 
Every so often, an automaker just gets a car right. Everything feels in sync with everything else. Nothing draws attention to itself, which calls attention to the car as a whole. The Volkswagen GTI is one such car. READ MORE ›› 
2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata to Be Revealed Simultaneously on Three Continents  Jul 8th, 2014 
It’s no secret we’re fans of Mazda’s MX-5 Miata, so you can bet that we’ve been eagerly following the gestation of the fourth generation of the affordable sports car, looking for any little bit of news. Well, after passing the time by publishing our latest intel on the new roadster, meticulously breaking down the car’s chassis (which Mazda previewed […] 
In The Hall of the Mountain Kingslayers: Mitsubishi’s MiEV Evolutions Close to Pikes Peak Dominance  Jul 8th, 2014 
We learned something at Pikes Peak. It’s that the storied hill-climb, the second-oldest major motorsport event in the U.S., is not unlike an episode of the classic anime series Initial D. No, nobody’s named “God Foot”, but there is an old salt who goes by “Monster.” It’s that, essentially, with the exception of the contestants […] 
Name That Shifter, No. 186  Jul 8th, 2014 
It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to present this week’s shifter. You’ll have until midday Wednesday to identify the make and model of the vehicle whence this shifter came. The first person to respond correctly in the Backfires section below will win a Save the Manuals button and sticker.* Good luck! (* Offer open […] 
2015 Lexus NX Crossover First Drive: Take Equal Parts RAV4 and Lexus IS, Stir Auspiciously  Jul 8th, 2014 
Lexus is about to go off its meds. And it isn’t because the brand’s regimen for success hasn’t been effective. On the contrary, since the aptly named RX hit the market in 1998, Lexus has ruled the roost in the mid-size luxury crossover segment. Competing formulations have come and gone, but the RX’s ability to […] 
LeMons Sebring Day 1: Porsche 944 Leads, Duff Beer Civic Close Behind  Jul 8th, 2014 
After inspecting the machines of a small but devoted band of racers on Friday, the first race session of the first-ever Humidi TT 24 Hours of LeMons took place on Saturday at Sebring International Raceway. Even though a wild afternoon lightning storm blasted several pieces of track infrastructure and forced the evacuation of the flag […] 
LeMons Sebring Inspections: ’64 Fairlane vs ’64 Dart, Some Fast Cars, and a Pair of Chrysler Sebrings  Jul 8th, 2014 
The 24 Hours of LeMons series is following up our visit to an old familiar track in California with our first-ever trip to the legendary Sebring International Raceway. It’s hot and muggy and buggy here, and the Florida summer weather coupled with the holiday weekend have chased away all but the most devoted racers; with […] 
Next-Generation Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Coming for 2016, Current Model to Be Sold Until Then  Jul 8th, 2014 
With the new, seventh-generation Hyundai Sonata hitting dealerships now, avid followers of the car’s hybrid iteration might be wondering where the hybrid model is. Well, if those folks existed, they’d surely be curious; so far, the 2015 Hyundai Sonata lineup consists of three gas-only powertrain combos. The outgoing Sonata offers a hybrid version (pictured here), […] 
2016 Mercedes-AMG GT-S First Ride: Large, V-8 Turbocharged, and In Charge  Jul 8th, 2014 
A ride-along is the equivalent of a tepid handshake climaxing a hot date. Compared with actually driving a brilliant car, a ride-along evaporates from memory quicker than spit on a hot exhaust pipe. One notable exception is a Mercedes-Benz event I attended about 40 years ago. That triple-header experience involved a spectacular sports car piloted […] 
Fast Company: Scientifically Sorting the Industry’s Biggest Pushers of Speed and Power [Infographic]  Jul 8th, 2014 
You’ll find a celebration of speed throughout this issue. Because if cars weren’t fast, they wouldn’t be so thrilling; and if cars weren’t powerful, they wouldn’t be so fast. Here, we’ve ­compiled a data mountain pertaining to speed and power and the companies that move them in the greatest volume in the U.S. Like most […] 
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